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Daniel A Kenney

Closing the Gates of Hell

A parable of two brothers
There are two brothers who vehemently hate each other and murder one another during a conflict. God could redeem them by simply reaching into their brains and wiping out their true natures. He could directly manipulate the structure of their Souls until they were no longer evil. But would they be the same people as they were in life or just hollow copies of their living selves?

Instead, God allows the devil to claim the Souls of these two brothers. The devil thinks he is not punishing them but rather instructing them in the ways of evil. So each day he arms the brothers and puts them at each other throats. For a million days they kill and are killed, each day resurrected into this repeating hell by the devil. But after a million deaths the older brother decides he is done. He calls out to God asking for forgiveness. Yet the next day he is still in hell and his brother again kills him. The UETI forgives only those who forgive their enemies. And so, after a million more days of forgiving his brother while he is killed, God decides the older brother is worthy of Heaven and his Soul ascends into God's kingdom.

Now the younger brother is alone in hell with no one to hate, no one to kill, no one to blame but himself. It takes a million more days but eventually the younger brother's bloodlust burns itself out. He calls out to the UETI for forgiveness. But he has yet to learn forgiveness himself and so God leaves him in hell. Realizing he may be about to lose another Soul, the devil sends his demons to torment, torture, and kill the remaining brother day after day. For a million days the brother hates the demons, the devil, and what is being done to him.

Eventually he calls out to God again, but this time he forgives his brother, the demons and even the devil himself. He now knows he must do this if he wants his past transgressions to be forgiven by God. After a million more days of this hell, and still being able to forgive, the UETI decides he is worthy of Heaven and the Soul of the younger brother ascends into God's kingdom.

Truly God can turn evil into good, over the course of time.

Eventually, when God's kingdom comes to the Earth and there are no more souls for the devil, God must decide to either redeem the devil or destroy him. Of course He will forgive and redeem the devil, just as He has for all of His other Children.

We can not know if hell is real anymore than we can know for certain that Heaven is real. All we can do is forgive as we want to be forgiven and trust in God's Mercy. After the living universe has passed away, God will take the devil as his own Child and the gates of hell will be forever closed.