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Daniel A Kenney

A Scientific God

This is the personal website of Daniel A Kenney.  I have many reasons for creating this website, number one being the death of my son, Riley Kenney, in 2013.

I believe Riley is in Heaven and that one day, after I die, we will be reunited. But I am a trained scientist and engineer. I can not believe in a magical God nor the concepts of perfection or infinity in the real universe. But still, I believe, with all of my being, that one day I will hug my son again.

Instead, I desired a religion which does not contradict my view of the universe, such as Diesm. But I defined a religion which is a Theism or one in which God takes a personal interest in the fate of people.

My concept of the UETI as God could be construed as alien worship and perhaps it is.  The way I see things, the UETI is not an alien because They may have seeded the Earth with life and then created the conditions that lead to intelligent life, to us.  Therefore the UETI is a parent species and not alien at all.

Secondly, I do not think it is appropriate at this time in our development to continue to worship God.  As with the toddler worshiping their parents growing into the teen, we must now concentrate on love and respect for God. After all, what more does a loving parent want but to see their children mature into adults that return their love.